Only a complete production chain allows a direct control on all processing phases and can guarantee absolute compliance with all quality parameters.
With this awareness, we perform all ham working phases (ham in Italian is "prosciutto" from the latin word perexsunctum, which literally means dried).

Productions starts with a careful fresh legs selection and ends with a long seasoning, a natural process, made this way thanks to unique weather conditions of this territory.
Quality is not a cost, but the lack of it is!
Most important phases of a unique production chain.

In all Salumificio San Michele plants, we care about product from raw material selection to seasoning,
during deboning, slicing and packaging, obtained by using the best technology present in the market.

We can grant a unique direct management and a careful control on every production phase.


Salting is a very delicate operation; it must be done only on legs having righ quality to allow a uniform absorption of salt.

After salting, plant cellars host hams ready for seasoning, a slow and very important phase, during which take place fundamental enazymatic and biochemical processes. During this phase, ham take their intense aroma and unmistakable sweet taste, appreciated around the world.


Only after an accurate selection of seasoned hams we perform the deboning, the heart of our activity.
It’s a very delicate and important process, made to meet our customers?needs in taste, cutting and size.
In our modern slicing plant we have two slicing lines, able to meet packaging needs of modern distribution, in compliance with most severe food safety regulations.